Offering you a range of Therapeutic Adjustable Beds and Recliner Lift Chairs, Revitalife provide the ultimate in comfort, total body support and correct spinal alignment so you can greatly reduce the impact of pressure and pain on the joints during the night caused by arthritis, degeneration of the joints, headaches, sciatica and many more issues, ensuring a blissful and peaceful night’s sleep.

Revitalife carry both standard and dual/split systems in a large range of sizes to ensure that you can get the bed that is right for you. With split, queen, king and super king range, they provide total independent adjustability and vibration massage within the same bed, perfect for couples as everyone has different health and comfort needs.

Built with Australian designed Memory Foam Mattresses, a Revitalife bed represents the ultimate in comfort and support at an extremely competitive price. Some features include whole body vibration therapy to increase blood flow and circulation, wall hugger movement and under bed lighting.

Revitalife have now combined two class 1 medical devices, offering an even better night’s sleep and recovery. The Cloud Luxury range of technologically advanced Adjustable and Therapeutic Beds are now made with Celliant® technology which is clinically proven to improve sleep quality and wellness. Find out more here.

Revitalife and Stockland Benefits+ have teamed up to offer an exclusive discount for Stockland residents who purchase through the Benefits+ program to receive a minimum of 30% off the regular retail price.



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