Religious Services

As with most aspects of our lives, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on the way people can gather for religious services and ceremonies.  But did you know many religious services have replaced their in-person gatherings with a live stream each week?

So how does it work ? Well, it is dependent on the church or service. They may use channels such as YouTube, Zoom and Facebook to help keep their congregation connected during these challenging times.

If you regularly attend a religious service that is no longer meeting in-person, it may be worth checking if your service has any online options available.

ABC – Streamed Religious Services

If your regular service doesn’t have any online options available or if you don’t have a regular service but are interested, the ABC has compiled a list of services from a range of different religions and denominations that you can watch or listen to from home.

Click on the icon on the left to be taken to  the ABC website to browse the different services available.