We all know the importance of keeping  active at all stages of life for both our physical and mental health. However with COVID-19 restrictions in place this is becoming increasingly challenging with many exercise classes cancelled, yoga studios & gyms shut, and even venturing outside for a walk isn’t an option for everyone. So what can we do to continue to keep active  ?

We have collated a number of great  exercise classes that are available online. This means you can follow along in your own home. There is a variety of different types , levels and stages of  classes so you can choose something that suits you.



Active Seniors

These exercise classes have been specifically designed for seniors. From dance classes, to mobility, to seated Pilates, there is something for everyone.  The classes run for 15-30 minutes and you can opt to join a class as it is being live streamed or view it afterward at your convenience.




Safe exercise at Home

This is a great website which has been developed by physiotherapists from all over Australia with expertise in physical activity for older Australians. They have a mixture of video content and PDF documents you can download and print. There are also some great tips on staying safe while exercising which can be really handy, especially if exercising in your home is new.




Yoga Vista

These online yoga videos are focused on Gentle, Senior and Health Ageing. Sherry Zak Morris. one of the founders of Yoga Vista,  has recorded 100’s of videos for the 50+ population.

You can access a large number of videos for free or opt for a subscription if you would like to avoid the advertisements.