The benefits of writing in retirement

Working on new and exciting projects to keep
the brain busy can work wonders for your
mental health in retirement.
Stress less!
Jas Rawlinson, a Brisbane-based writing
coach and author says “Creative writing is a
fantastic vehicle for shifting negative mindsets,
anxiety and stress. By exercising your mind and
creativity, you can lose yourself in the literary
‘world’ you are creating and give your mind a
much-needed break from stressful situations
that you may be experiencing.”
Be a goal-getter
Regular writing can help you become more
positive and motivated. Research suggests
writing down your goals can be much more
beneficial than simply setting and remembering
Tips on getting started
While getting that first sentence on paper can
be one of the trickiest challenges to overcome,
the key is to start small.
“We all have to start somewhere,” Rawlinson
says. “It may feel overwhelming at first, but if you
commit to doing something as simple as writing
250 words per day, or sitting down to write for
five minutes at a time, three times per day, you’ll
get a lot further than you expect.”
What to write?
Not sure which medium is best for you?
Depending on the time and energy you want
to put in, there’s an option to suit you, whether
that be starting a book, blog, journal or even
a letter. No matter the medium, you can
experience all the benefits by simply getting
Article courtesy of APIA