Staying well in 2022

We all know physical exercise, nourishing food and good sleep habits are important for maintaining our health and wellbeing, but we don’t always think about the importance of exercising our brain.

Our brain is at the centre of our nervous system and has a big part to play in whether we feel our healthiest. The brain is in charge of releasing chemicals that make us feel happy or sad, helps to repair and strengthen the body, determines how we feel pain, and controls our ability to think.

So, what can we do to help strengthen the brain?

Whilst activities that involve problem-solving are great tools to help remain mentally healthy, it is important to try to attempt new challenges that we are not familiar with. This has a really powerful effect on the brain and can make a fun experience even more powerful.

Activities like learning fun phrases in a different language, learning a musical instrument, and learning to use technology, are examples of activities you can learn. And there are so many tutorial videos available now on the Internet, it makes it really simple to get started. Just remember, the goal isn’t to be a master – the magic is in the doing.

Article courtesy Joel Warman