Mobility Classes Making a Difference

Three years ago Jenny started Chair Pilates with the goal of increasing her mobility and strength and quickly saw some great results.

“Before starting Pilates I had to use a walking frame at all times. I now use a walking frame when outside my home, but inside I walk unaided,” she said.

Unfortunately, Jenny’s local classes were cancelled last year. It did give her the opportunity to attend one of the monthly Benefits+ education sessions where exercise physiologist, Monique, shared helpful tips on increasing mobility.

This gave Jenny the idea to start a Chair Pilates class within the village. Jenny worked with the Benefits+ representative to make this idea become a reality.

The classes have been met with enthusiasm with thirteen residents signing up initially. This has now grown to 29, a testament to the benefits of the classes. Due to the popularity sessions have now increased to three times a week.

“It is not only exercise, it is a fun social time as well,” says Jenny.

Benefits+ is a proactive  approach to health support, which is centred around the needs of residents. Once a month there is a  ‘healthy conversation’ at each village which addresses relevant topics and provides information on services and products available to help support health & wellbeing needs.

Speak with your village manager to find out when the next monthly session is at your village.