Dealing with information overload during COVID-19

With constant updates on the COVID-19 crisis and phones, social media and WiFi spreading news like wildfire, it can be hard to unplug.
Given how accessible information is today, even if you try to avoid bad world news it can be almost impossible when you factor in how dependent we are on being online.
It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by the news especially when good news stories often seem hard to come by. Here are some tips if you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the news.
Learn to switch off
It’s easier said than done but taking a break from social media can do a lot to help tackle the effects of bad world news. Take breaks from time to time, especially if you notice yourself feeling down due to things you’re seeing on social media.
Replace the time you’d normally spend online with something offline, such as reading a book or magazine, talking to your family or playing a game.
Try to understand why it is upsetting you
Sometimes the bad news can hit close to home, whether it’s someone you know becoming sick or a tragedy in your family’s country of origin. Talk to your friends and family about how the news is affecting you. The simple act of talking can sometimes make you feel a lot better. Here’s why talking helps.
Accept your level of control
One of the biggest things about bad world news is the scale of a tragedy. While there are usually things that a person can do to help a situation, we can’t stop it entirely on our own so it is important that everyone participates in protecting yourself and others from coronavirus (COVID-19).