Benefits+ sessions helping residents stay on their feet

Benefits+ Health Education

Recent Benefits+ Health education sessions hosted by ILS across the NSW Stockland villages were well attended, with more than 80 residents joining in at Golden Ponds Village to receive practical tips on falls prevention.

The session content aims to empower individuals to be proactively informed about their personal and environmental risk factors, and identifying ways to minimise the risk of falls and fall related injuries.

Independent Living Specialists (ILS), has recently partnered with Stockland as a part of the Benefits+ program. Educator Dana Satori explains “we are very excited to be part of the program, as we see this as synergistic to some of the core principles under which we operate. We value the importance of education and early intervention to help foster client centred outcomes and the appropriate prescription and provision of assistive equipment”.

Dana says “Falls prevention is often an area we find people do not identify with until it is too late, that is, after they have experienced a fall themselves. There are a number of key learnings that are presented that will help you to take some measures in your day to day lives, that will help minimise your risk of having a fall in all of the environments you may access.

Residents said the content covered in the Benefits+ sessions was very beneficial. The sessions covered information including reinforcing the importance of your home layout to reduce clutter, the importance of understanding and regularly reviewing your health and medications, taking steps to ensure you are able to receive help or help yourself in the event of a fall, through to as the footwear you chose that can reduce your risk of having a fall.