5 signs you may need to check your hearing

Just like a dental or eye check-up, it’s important to check your hearing regularly. As hearing gradually changes over time, it’s not always noticed right away. Many times, your family and friends are likely to notice changes in your hearing before you do.

Here are five simple ways to tell if it’s time to check your hearing:


1. You often ask people to repeat themselves

One of the biggest signs that your hearing is changing is when you regularly have to ask people to repeat themselves. It may sound as though people around you are mumbling or conversations are unclear. You may also find it harder to hear people unless they’re facing you directly.

As people get older, it’s more common to experience hearing loss in the high frequencies. So, another sign of hearing loss is having trouble understanding women and children who tend to speak at higher pitches.


2. Your family often complains that the TV volume is up too loud

It’s not always easy to follow TV shows or movies, especially during times when the music drowns out the dialogue. However, if you’re often turning up the volume to a point where those around you complain about how loud it is, the issue may not be with your TV.

Also, listening to excessively loud music can do further damage to your hearing, so it’s best to get your hearing checked right away.


3. You frequently hear a ringing or buzzing noise in your ears

Tinnitus occurs when you hear sounds often described as a ringing or buzzing noise in the ears when no external source is present. Most people experience tinnitus at some point, such as after attending a live concert or nightclub, but it usually goes away after a few hours.

However, if the ringing doesn’t fade away, it’s best to check your hearing. Whilst tinnitus isn’t always a symptom of hearing loss, it is a common first sign.


4. You often strain to hear in noisy places

People with hearing loss often have trouble focusing on what people are saying in places with background noise, such as a restaurant or shopping centre. If you find yourself constantly straining to hear and follow conversations, you may often feel tired and worn out. If a typical day of conversing with family, friends and colleagues leaves you mentally and physically fatigued, then it might be time for a hearing test.


5. You’re missing out on everyday sounds

Do you often have missed calls or people saying they’ve been knocking outside your door for a long time? This is common for people with hearing loss, especially as you’re more likely to have your TV or radio turned up louder than usual.


Whilst it can be tough to admit your hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, it’s best to take action early on.  With the right support and technology, hearing loss doesn’t need to keep you from enjoying all the fun things in life.

You don’t have to wait to do something about your hearing. Contact Hearing Australia on 131 797 or visit www.hearing.com.au/ to book an appointment today or take the online hearing assessment.


This article was written by Hearing Australia and the opinions expressed are those of the author.